No requirement says sellers must hire a home inspector before listing and selling their home. Actually, it’s common for any serious prospective buyer to schedule a professional inspection they pay for, then make an offer on the home that’s contingent on acceptable results.

So, as the home seller, if you don’t have to pay for a home inspection, why would you? There are a few reasons.

If any unknown problems or defects crop up during the buyer’s home inspection, the seller is in a much weaker position. The prospective buyers can approach the negotiation from a position of strength or may even pull their bid for the home entirely. 

To avoid this situation, the home seller can simply hire an inspector to perform the home inspection in advance. If there are any problems with the home, you’ll be able to identify and fix them before a potential buyer could take advantage. And that’s not the only advantage of paying for your own inspection, either. 

Home Inspections Can Bring in Bigger Offers

You can consider paying for a home inspection as an investment in the value of your home. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to list your home for more if you find and fix some areas that need repair as identified in the pre-inspection. 

Beyond that, a pre-inspection can help give potential buyers confidence in the home and push them over the fence toward making an offer. If they know there’s likely no major shocks in store for them when they order their own inspection, they’ll be more comfortable bidding. The more bids you get, the better the chance that you’ll find an attractive offer. 

Home Inspections Can Help The Sale Close Quicker

Even if the seller gets a pre-inspection done, the buyer will still generally want to hire their own home inspector. However, if you’ve already done an inspection, you can be much more confident the buyer’s inspection will not uncover any major problems. Significant problems can slow down a sale considerably so doing your own inspection can save lots of time down the line. 

Home Inspections Clear Things Up

Do you have any lingering questions about the state of the home you’re about to sell? If so, a pre-inspection can clear up any doubts and help you know exactly where you stand. There’s always a lot of uncertainty surrounding home sales but an early home inspection can tell you exactly what you’re working with. 

Hire A Home Inspection Pro Today!

Now that you’ve read about the many benefits of getting an inspection done before selling your home, you may be thinking about booking a professional. HighTek Home Inspections is the right choice.

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